About The Top
Innovators List 2021

Agriculture is facing some of the toughest times in its history.  We have an aging workforce, a population growth that’s driving an imminent food crisis and, of course, a planet that soon may not be able to sustain our future.


The Top Innovators recognises that it’s the people who push industries forwards, people that drive innovation, and it’s because of those people spending long nights in labs, cold winters out in the fields, running tests and meticulously reviewing safety checks that the agricultural industry is one step closer to addressing these major challenges.

We believe that these agriculture professionals deserve recognition. We aim to celebrate them, to put their names in lights and share their achievements on a wider stage, showcasing their work to the industry.

Now we’re not just talking about inventors and entrepreneurs, we want to raise a glass to the do-ers, the process drivers and all those people who are contributing to improving the agricultural industry.

We're asking for you to nominate someone that you think has been instrumental in bringing innovation to the industry or company they work for. This could be someone you know, someone you look up to or it could even be yourself.

Once we receive nominations, our panel of esteemed judges will carefully review them and compile the list of Top Innovators in Agriculture ready for us to share.

Meet the Panel

01. ADRIAN PERCY Adrian Percy :
Chief Technology Officer, UPL
With more than 25 years' experience in the agricultural industry, Adrian Percy is an advocate of the need for and benefits of modern agriculture. He is also a strong proponent of the development and adoption of new agricultural and food technologies that support global food security, whilst conserving the environment.

Adrian currently serves as the CTO of UPL Ltd, a major crop protection company and leader in global food systems. He also serves as a Venture Partner at Finistere Ventures LLC - a technology and life sciences venture capital investor focused on transforming the food value chain.
02. MICHELLE MILLER Michelle Miller:
The Farm Babe
& Key Speaker
Michelle Miller, better known as the Farm Babe, is an international keynote speaker, writer and columnist for AGDAILY.com, online influencer, and Florida livestock farmer. She started her social media outreach six years ago as a way to better bridge the gap between famers and consumers and has made a name for herself as a dedicated "mythbuster" in food and farming.

With nearly 200,000 followers and an average social media reach of 3 million views monthly, she has been featured in Forbes, has been a guest on Dr Drew, has influenced corporations such as Burger King, and has proudly spoken alongside the biggest names in food and farming today.
03. HOWARD-YANA SHAPIRO Howard-Yana Shapiro, PhD :
Principal, Double Helix Consulting
Howard has been involved with sustainable agricultural and agroforestry systems, plant breeding, molecular biology and genetics for over 50 years. He has worked with indigenous communities, NGO’s, governmental agencies and private sector businesses around the world.

With an academic career spanning 45 years, Shapiro is a Senior Fellow at UC Davis, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. Over the last 10 years he has presented to more than 100 conferences as a keynote speaker, including TedX and TedMed, lectured at 45 universities, advised governments, NGO’s, businesses, startups and environmental groups on policy, practice and scaling. He was featured in the Davis Guggenheim documentary Wild Ducks for IBM.

Howard is now Principal at Double Helix Consulting, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Resilient Landscapes, CIFOR-ICRAF, Senior Fellow at the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, University of California and Advisor at Mars inc.
04. PHIL BILLS Philip Bills Philip Bills:
Director EMEA
Chaseman Global
Philip Bills is a global executive search expert specialising in the world of agriculture and technology. Philip started his recruitment career over 12 years ago and has consistently shown the ability to identify the very best in the industry.

Having spent the past 3 years integrating into the agriculture world at Chaseman Global, an executive search firm that specialises in Bio & Life Sciences, he became Head of AgTech in January 2019 and then Regional Director, EMEA for Chaseman in January 2020.

Philip has a huge passion for securing the very best talent for businesses ensuring future generations don’t succumb to the potential food crisis over the next 30 years. With over 300 key hires made within some of the best businesses in AgTech, Philip and the Chaseman team have built a reputation on being able to identify game changers.